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New! Our App now has messaging!

Introducing EMSCCHURCH APP Messaging; the powerful messaging solution that enables real, personal engagement. Your community’s new home to start meaningful conversations, ask for prayer, and encourage one another is in your app.

Special Group Messaging

Are you an elder, musician, youth, or invovled in a small-group Bible study? We have rooms for you and will expand to more rooms (or channels) when needed.

Get involved today

Sign up below. Give us a day or so and you'll get a text message to link messaging to your app. If you don't have the app yet, download it above. You will need to sign in or create a sign-in within the app.
Your app may not have the "messaging" option in the side menu. If it does not, check the top right for a chat icon.
Alternatively, you can use the form below and we'll get you connected.

Sign up for messaging

What to do once Messaging is enabled

  • Add a profile picture. This is not required, but helps add personalization to your messaging.

  • Find other channels. New ones will be added over time. Some are not shown because they are specialized groups. You do this by clicking on the "Discover" tab.

Have questions about the app? Ask below.