What is Faithlife? And why you want it.

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You may have noticed Sunday, but the screens looked a little different.  That is because the church is moving to another method of delivering information to you on Sunday mornings.

Introducing Faithlife.com

Faithlife has great tools for you to use throughout your week–including customizable reading plans, prayer tracking, and a calendar.  We will be able to include Bible reading plans here (like the New Testament Bible Challenge) in the future.  We will be able to share documents, have discussions, and just share in life online together.

The Main reason–bulletins

We have printed bulletins in the traditional (11:00 a.m.) service and post it on the app and website.  But this bulletin has a different function altogether.  By going to faithlife.com, you can see special announcements, an audio of the sermon, and even catch a glimpse of what’s coming next week.  This will enable you to get into the Word in preparation for the coming Sunday.

What’s really exciting about the bulletins is that they are real-time bulletins.  That means that any changes that happen show up to you as soon as they happen.  This allows for us to do interactive things during the service–we get them ready, but you interact with your mobile device during the service.  If you come early to one of the services, you will notice that there is a Bible Trivia that goes on during the pre-service slides.  We will post surveys and reveal the results of these polls during the service.  We will also feature some series where you can follow along in fill-in-the-blank style interactions.

What do I do?

The first thing to do is to navigate to faithlife.com/emscchurch.  From there, you can create a free account and create your profile.  Once that is done and you’re logged in, the screen will prompt you to go to faithlife.com/emscchurch (on the trivia slide, for example.  Just navigate to that site under your created login, and play along!

Faithlife.com also tracks correct answers and shows a leaderboard.

Another way to tell when something is in the bulletin for you is when you see the following symbol on the screen.

When enough of us are ready to go with profiles ready on faithlife.com, we can do more with our church services to utilize technology.


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments below, or send Raphael a message on faithlife.com.  Thank you!

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