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We have a very exciting announcement to make, our staff has been talking with a lot of you recently, and we’ve been incredibly encouraged. We’re convinced we have a church full of people passionate about the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), but sometimes we’re stuck and don’t know HOW to put our faith into action.  For this reason, we partnered with VOMO (VOlunteer MOvement).

It really is this simple!

It looks a bit like Netflix for Opportunities.

As you well know, EMSCC is dedicated to taking the love and heart of Jesus out to our neighborhoods and communities. We truly want to be a people who actively live out our faith throughout our daily lives Monday to Sunday.  Think of this new platform as our Church Hub for making an impact. It has mobile apps (both Android and Apple) that help make serving as a church easy and fun. In just 3 clicks (or taps), you will be able to see local service opportunities inside our church as well as ministries we partner with—whether it’s using God’s gifts in the church (such as helping the youth group, being a greeter, or assisting with meals), or in the community (such as helping at the park, handling groceries at the food pantry, or answering phones at the hospital). There’s also a host of “Do it Yourself” ideas you can do with your family or small group and over 70,000 opportunities to serve.  This is a short list of an ever-expanding wealth of opportunity available through the platform.

What do you think? How can you use God’s gifts to you to forward this community in His name? Sign up for your free account today! If you’re on a mobile device, the VOMO App is also available. The rewards are just an added bonus for doing God’s work.

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