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It has come to my attention that members of our church want to access updates.  For those who are not on Facebook, this information is not easy to come by.  I will post the latest updates here.

Last week, he started having issues breathing.  Sunday, he preached the 8:30 service, then went home.  Later the same day, he went down to Anderson and checked into the hospital.

Since he has been there, they have run lots of tests.  To make a long story short, they are working to get the fluid off of his lungs so that they can treat his weak heart.  When I talked to him yesterday (9-26-17), he was hoping he would return home later this week.  They have not made any promises.  He is enjoying his luxurious bed!  Though, every time someone comes into the room, he’s asking for discharge papers.  Let’s see if his persistence pays off over the next couple of days!

I will post updates below as I get them.  They will be the same as in our Facebook Group.  If you have not joined that group, ask to join and we’ll go from there.  I will respond to requests as soon as I can.  Thanks for your support and your prayers!

Latest from FB:

I just heard his update on Roger… they will finally start treating him. He has a weak heart because of liquid around his lungs. They will start meds to take out the liquid and hopefully, his heart will recover. When he feels better they will do a stress test and will give him more meds if he needs it.

11:00 a.m. 9/27/17 Update…. Rog will be coming home tomorrow if all goes well today. He started meds last night at 6pm and he feels better today.

Around 10:30 (or so according to Facebook), there was a post from Roger’s daughter saying, “Yay Dad is finally home!”  Let’s continue to pray for his recovery.  God is so good!

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