New Testament Bible Challenge

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Roger is back and recovering well!  He came back just in time to go on a journey with us in the New Testament.  You are challenged to read the entire New Testament from October 8 through November 18th, 2017.  Here are some things to consider:

1. Context is everything

It is easy for us to repeat verses or parts of verses as stand-alone truths.  The thing we have to realize is that everything in the Bible has relevance to the time, place, audience, and situation that they are written in and to.  Reading the entire books (or most of them) in one sitting helps us capture a lot of that.

2. Letters aren’t meant to be split up

Of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament, twenty-one (21/27) are letters.  Letters serve many purposes, but all have a few things in common.  First, they are written to a certain audience.  Next, they form a point or meet a goal as a whole.  Thirdly, a random sentence taken out of the letter has a large chance to lose all of its meaning.

Think of it this way–when you read a letter from your relative, significant other, pen-pal, or an instructional letter from a business, you don’t split up the letter into 20 parts and only read parts 18, 3, 11, 5, and 4 in that order.  You would most likely read it from start to finish.  The people of the ancient church actually had the letters read to them–and multiple times–from start to finish.  Hearing Romans for the first time was a LONG session!

3. Grow closer to God

Upon reading His word more thoroughly, you get to experience more of God’s revelation to you.  In this, you will grow closer to God after knowing more of His character, His promises, and what He accomplished on the cross.  What can be better than that?  Reading through the Bible completely (in this case, the New Testament) will definitely enrich your faith.

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You can do this!

Experience His word, His message, and His life for you through the reading of the New Testament.  Most of the New Testament books are short (look at Philemon, for example).  Others have a lot of words–but with words come meaning.  At this posting, we are still less than a week in.  You can catch up if you haven’t started.  If you have issues reading or your attention tends to drift, I find that listening to it on the Bible app while reading helps me focus.

The Bible tells us that we, as believers, will be with the Lord forever. “Therefore encourage one another with these words.” (1 Thessalonians 4:18, NIV)

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