New Missions Partner–Hope Overflowing

I am excited to announce that our church has a new partner in missions. Menge is the founder of Hope Overflowing, a ministry that is working to counteract hopelessness among orphans and street kids in Ethiopia.

Menge works with American parents who want to adopt children from Ethiopia. He was instrumental in helping Wally and Heather Moody adopt their three children last December.

He also works with the many kids in Ethiopia who live on the streets, seeking to provide shelter, food, clothing, and most of all, hope through loving, mentoring relationships with people like Menge.

A third area of ministry for Hope Overflowing is the training and mobilization of Christians in Ethiopia to be more involved in ministry and missions.

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet Menge and for our church to partner with Hope Overflowing. We are also excited that two of our other missionaries, Doug and Tammy White, will be with us on September 10th. Doug will be speaking in all three services to give us an update on their work with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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