Praise Puppets!

What Are the Praise Puppets?

The Praise Puppets is a ministry team of middle and high school youth who use puppets to share the message of Jesus Christ. Directed by our senior pastor, Roger Gardner, we travel throughout central Indiana, performing for churches, schools, and special events.

What Do They Do?

The Praise Puppets have been sharing God’s love and grace with our church and community. The puppet ministry is done by a dedicated group of youth (grades 6-12) and adult leaders. The goal of the ministry is to provide inspirational entertainment to our audiences. We utilize music and drama to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus calls us to be His witnesses in the world, and the puppet ministry gets youth actively involved in sharing their faith while having a lot of fun.

Want More Information?

The Praise Puppets are available for programs throughout the year. If you would like more information about the ministry, or to schedule a performance, please contact Pastor Roger at 765-552-7171 or