Lifeline Christian Fine Arts Academy

I’m excited to announce a brand new ministry in Elwood and East Main Street Christian Church!  The goal of this ministry is to promote arts education in Elwood and surrounding areas for all ages, provide an outlet for home-schooled students to participate with others, and explore ways to stir creativity through the arts.  To do this, East Main is now officially a host site for Lifeline Christian Fine Arts Academy!

Music education:

Music theory (including lessons on how to read music)

  • Instructions on note-reading, chords, scales
  • Applying chords and scales to real song applications
  • Orchestration or music writing for those interested

Music instruction (winds, guitars, piano, voice etc.)

  • Private tutoring lessons for students and adults wanting to learn–learn or improve on instruments such as clarinet, flute, oboe, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, baritone, piano, guitar, bass, french horn, bassoon, voice and much more!
  • Group tutoring for those who prefer classroom setting
  • Instruction can be from methods books or through exercises or use of music from band class/found music, etc.

Forming and preparing music groups to enhance church service

  • Solos and small ensembles
  • Music will be arranged for the make-up of the groups used

Forming groups to create or participate in special music programs

  • Home-school students welcome
  • Those who simply want to play again can join

Other areas such as art, drama, oral presentation

  • Skits
  • Rock Band Opportunities
  • Visual art gallery/display events
  • Individual and group lessons available in all areas.

Interested in Linking the Arts for Christ?  Click Here for Academy Information.  

Much more to come!  Send your suggestions let us know your interest by using the form below.