Why this page?

At East Main, we strive to make it easy for you to give. You’re able to give of your time, of your talent, and of your treasure. We’d also love for you to give of your feedback if there is a need we may not be aware of. This page is dedicated to all the forms of giving.

Your Time

There are several events and activities where simply giving of your time is beneficial to the Body of Christ. Time can be spent in ongoing gatherings like Bible Studies. You can also get involved with the many short-term events on the horizon. The best way to keep up with the upcoming events is our app. Within the app, there is an event section that is updated real-time whenever there is an opportunity to give of your time at the church. Alternatively, you can go to our Facebook events page.

If you want to be more immersed in the ministries of the church, you can become involved with ministries like stewardship, missions, worship support, music, youth, or many other committees in the church. For more information, contact the church at

Your Talent

We are called to use both our talents and spiritual gifts to benefit others. In doing this, we are filling both of the commandments that deal with loving God and others.

In addition to being able to serve in ministries at East Main, you can also help in the ways of art, music, sound, video, greeting, financial support, or many other talents. Can you sing? Are you fantastic at putting Powerpoint or photoshop projects together? Are you good in front of a camera? Do you consider yourself a people person? Do you have an innate talent for organizing things? Do you have a desire for any of these (or others not mentioned) and want to learn?

You can! We are waiting to hear from you. Contact us below and let us know how you can love God and others by giving of your talent.

Your Treasure

Giving of your treasure is also a form of worship. The act of giving is what allows for all the ministries, building, worship arts, and to exist. It is what allows us to live out our church mission statement. We are called to give generously, but it should not be done with a grudging heart. In other words, giving should be filled with joy, worship, and faith.

In the 8:30 service, we pass a giving plate around at a certain part of our service.

In the 9:30 service, there is a giving plate on the communion tables. The time of communion is also a time of giving.

In the 11:00 service, giving plates are passed around towards the end of the service. There are envelopes available.

Whether you attend either of the services, or you are away, you can also give on our app. This giving portal allows automatic recurring giving that can occur weekly or even monthly. Alternatively, you can visit the website and do the same.

Be sure to pray before giving–whether it be of your time, your talent, or your treasure. It’s all for God and His Kingdom.

Your Feedback

Are you interested in knowing more about events coming up where you can give of your time? Do you have an area where you’d like to give of your talent? Do you feedback that you can give to help us uncover needs or solutions? There is a form below that makes it easy to contact us. We value your feedback and support.