East Main and the Dominican Republic

  • Raph 

Jan 27, 2018, Trish Carmer, Kevin Antrim and myself Don Watson headed off to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip at a school run by Freedom International. This trip was the 2ndmission trip taken there by our Church, but the first time for me to go on the trip. The faith-based school primarily services children of the sugarcane workers who live in small villages scattered throughout the vast sugarcane farm, much like the migrant camp around Tipton and Elwood.

The school is only five years old and still under development, but they already have 240 students attending grades pre-K 3-year-olds through 4th grade. They have work groups almost every week coming to help with construction and also to interact with the children to help teach them English. Most teams work with the preschoolers, but other opportunities are available too. Breakfast and lunch are a great time to get to meet and talk to some of the older kids.

It’s amazing to see the work that God is doing there through this organization. Not only are they ministering to the children but also to their parents, the nearby communities and all of the people who come on the work trips to Freedom International. The full and part-time missionaries have such a love for the Lord and for His purpose that it is inspiring and contagious and you will leave there a changed person.

The next trip planned by our Church is July 21-28.  If you ever wanted to go on a mission trip, I suggest this one. It would also be an excellent opportunity to include a friend or family member in your walk with the Lord and share this experience of a lifetime together. See Kevin Antrim for details.

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