Changes to online giving–What you should know

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We have moved to a new online giving provider for a number of reasons.  Here, we will highlight what’s new and how you can get switched over to the new provider.


We wanted to go with something that gave more ease, options, and flexibility to your giving.  We also wanted an option that cost less in processing fees.  Some of you have expressed concern over the cost to the church for online giving.

This new platform has a better interface–it looks better and feels more responsive than the other one.  You maintain the same options of recurring or one-time giving.  You will also be able to place notes on the memo line as you would a check.  When our congregation takes advantage of this form of giving, it can potentially make managing our finances quicker and easier.  This act of worship should be as joyful as we can make it.  Easier giving helps with that.

What’s different?

It looks better, feels better, and offers more flexibility.  But what is REALLY different about it  As you may know, it is already rolled into our official EMSCC app.  We’ll talk about how to get there in a bit.  One thing that makes it easier is the fact that once you set up your account (5 minutes tops), all you need is your four-digit PIN to log in.  There’s no more typing out your email address or phone number.  The use of the PIN also makes it more secure to login.

From there, it’s really easy to set an amount of your gift, use a credit/debit card or bank account, split your gifts into different funds, cover the card processing fees, and set up automated giving–all from one easy screen on your device.

Who is it? is the name of the company.  They are geared towards making giving easier for us church folk while keeping costs down  This allows us to be better stewards of what God gives us. Let this video show you how easy it is with!

There are a couple of things that are even easier than the video.  1. You do not need to download another app.  Our church app is all you need.  And 2. You can give right online from any device even without the app.

What if I’m already set up on the other app.

We will be phasing out of Easytithe over the next few months.  To best make sure your giving remains intact without double dipping, you can follow these steps.

  1. Cancel your old recurring giving.  Go to our old giving portal and log in.  If you have set up your recurring giving there, go into “Scheduled Giving” and click on “deactivate schedule.”  If you have set up more than one recurring gift, you must do this to every gift.  Note which fund you have it set to because you’ll be able to use the same fund in the new platform.
  2. Find by either a) clicking on the “Give” link above, b) navigating to this link, or c) going to our app on the phone and going to the “Give” tab or the heart button on the app.
  3. Sign up with a new secure account, set your PIN, input checking or credit card information, choose your fund, and explore the bottom two options.

About the bottom two options.  The first is “Cover card processing fees.”  Whenever a card is processed, there is always some sort of fee.  It’s not, by any means, a big fee.  The church has been paying that, but you have the option to pay that as well.  It’s not mandatory, but a nice feature included on this platform that can ensure that more of the donation goes to church use.

The other is “setup automated giving.”  Enabling this bubble gives you the option to give automatically everyweek, every 2 weeks, every month, or the 1st and 15th monthly.  If you choose weekly, or every two weeks, you can then specify the day.  If you give once per month, you can pick which day (between the 1st and 28th) that the donation is passed onto the church.

Once you have clicked all your options, tap or click the Give button.  You will get a confirmation screen before your transaction goes through.  Once it goes through, you will get an email receipt confirming where the gift went, the amount that was charged, what fund it went to, and the transaction number.  It’s that easy!

I gave.  How can I track it?

Easily!  On the top left corner of the site, you can track your giving history, change your email address, update payment methods, make changes to your recurring gifts, and many other options that were more difficult to find on the previous app.  Every year, we give giving statements out to those who did not give anonymously.  This paper statement will continue no matter how you give, but giving online keeps you up-to-date through the year real-time.

What’s more?  This is all free for us! It’s secure.  If you have any questions either stopping your old giving or signing up for this new platform, call the church office at 765-552-7171 or email Raph at

Easy Links

Give/Set up new giving

Cancel Old Giving

Please change your giving by December 31st

Changing to will make it easier for EVERYONE to give online–making it a more efficient use of our finances.  We would love for you to switch over or start giving online by clicking the links above.

All sensitive financial information is stored with the highest bank-level security. Your phone number will never be sold, traded, or given to third parties. You will only be texted to confirm your giving.

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