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Newsletter for February 2021



Roger Gardner

Raphael Starr

Kandie Courtney

Nancy Ritchie

Marcy Fry


Larry Reynolds

Cathy Cannon

Art Hensley


Valentines Day is on a Sunday this year and I can think of no better time to celebrate our love for one another as a church family. Mark your calendars for February 14th because that is when we plan to resume a more normal schedule at the church. We will have both worship services, 9:30 a.m. (in Big Room) and 11:00 a.m (in Sanctuary), and our Coffee & Doughnut Fellowship (in Community Room. Children's Sunday School and Church will come later.) It will have been three months since we had an opportunity to bring everyone back together and I hope you will join us. We will continue to practice safety protocols such as social distancing and wearing masks as we enter the facility. And our custodian will be using the disinfecting fogger to make sure the rooms we use are clean and safe.

February 14th is also the day we will kick-off a new Connect Group Bible study called UNSHAKEABLE HOPE. it was written by Pastor Max Lucado and focuses on God's promises in Scripture. I'm going to let Max introduce this study to you:
"I've discovered that nothing lifts the weary soul of the people of God like the promises of God. Whenever world events (or even home events) pull the rug out, when hope is in short supply, when times have been tough, these promises have sustained my congregation. I think they will bless yours, too."

In addition to the 12 Sunday morning messages which will be livestreamed, I will be leading a Bible study group in the Community Room on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. You can purchase a study guide on Amazon or Christianbook. com. The Bible study will be in-person only and we will follow safety protocols similar to Sunday mornings. I hope you will join us!

God bless,
Pastor Roger

Donations have been made to the Abiding Memorial Fund in memory of RALPH YARLING by the Lions Club of Elwood and in memory of RALPH & LOIS YARLING by Margaret Brewer



John Clark, Carrie Constantine, Alicia Copus, Paul Couch, Sue Gardner, Butch Groover, Dick Reynolds, Bill Waymire,


Amy, Chris & family, Joshua Carlin, Butch/Karen Chumbley, Emily David & family, Ashley Ferguson, Jerry/Sandy Harper, Bob Hensley, Chad Hunck, Howard Huffman, Lorie Marley, Darlene Moody, Becky Poor, Larry Reynolds, Jennifer Richards, Cathy Starr, Kim Stewart, Adrian Tishner.


Andrew Duncan, Darren Jarvis, Hector Mendez, Jr., Aaron Parkins, Koda Purvis, Joseph Seward, Lisa Shock

We appreciate the support given last month on behalf of Pastor Benny Santiago and the Madison County Jail Chaplaincy Program.

As we move into February, our focus shifts to one of our own ministries - SOUL FOOD.

On the third Thursday of each month, Barb Abernathy leads a dedicated group of volunteers who prepare and distribute about 125 meals. This work has continued throughout the coronavirus pandemic as we shifted from an in-house meal to a drive-through carry-out.

Throughout the month of February, we will receive a special offering to fund this ministry and would appreciate your support.


Our goal is to serve people dealing directly with cancer and their caregivers through prayer, love, and open ears.
If you are a church member who would like someone from the ministry to contact you, please callthe chaurch office (765-552-7171).
(We also now have the opportunity for those who would like to be a part of the ministry.)

Help us to provide the best pastoral care possible when you or a member of your family are in the hospital or another health care facility. When you register, tell them that you are affiliated with East Main Street Christian Church and sign the release allowing the facility or the hospital chaplain to notify us. You may also call the church or notify the pastor in advance of going to the hospital.
EMSCC PRAYER CHAIN: Phone prayer requests to the church office (552-7171) Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm. Weekend requests may be left on the church answering machine. Prayer requests may also be added at our web site.
The church parsonage, located at 1800 South A Street, is available for rent. This is a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home with 2 family rooms and a dining room along with a smaller dining area attached to the kitchen. It has new windows and an attached 2 car garage. The rental is $875 per month, with a security deposit equal to the first month's rent. If interested, contact the church office for an application by calling 552-7171 or email [email protected]
Introducing EMSCCHURCH Messaging: the powerful messaging solution that enables real, personal engagement. Our church community's new home to start meaningful conversations, ask for prayer, and encourage one another is in our app.

We know that communication happens in so many different ways, and we believe there shouldn't be a limit on engagement within our community. With EMSCCHURCH Messaging, we can create dedicated channels for small groups, service teams, or other discussions all within our existing app.

We also know that it is about much more than messaging; it's about creating meaningful connections with our church community. With Messaging, we have a safe and secure place to connect on a deeper level with one another. Want to share a private prayer request or coordinate a meal? Simply create a new message and you can send it to your channel, keeping everything in one place where together we can create real, relational experiences as a community. We now enloy:
  • Group Channels- Ministries, choir, board, praise and, prayer, bible study, etc. We'll add more as the needs arise.
  • Unlimited Messages - send message to the group or to individuals (no need for phone numbers).
  • Share prayers, photos, gifs, files, answer polls
  • All contained inside our app
Our goal is to create a place where people can get connected, grow in discipleship, and be equipped to share the gospel; a place where church leaders can get a deeper understanding of the health of our church community and know how to better worship together, especially in this time of distanced worship.

To join, make sure you have the app installed on your device. Then tap the messages icon in the top right of the app. If you don't have the icon or don't have the app, go to: to get started.

Hi, everyone!

Thank you for your prayers and support as Roger and I continue to work out pastoring the church. I started my pastoral journey when I took some classes at Indiana Wesleyan beginning in March of 2017, resulting in a religious certificate.

The same year, my church family here ordained me on Anniversary Sunday. Since then, I have some preaching, served as a hospital chaplain,volunteered with the Elwood Ministerial Association, and other things.

I have felt called to go back to school to continue my education, but I ran into two significant obstacles. First, I was still incredibly involved with the church's technical activities. They are time-consuming and left little room for additional study. Secondly, I didn't know how I would pay for a master's degree!

Then, the church hired Brody Stahl. He is stepping into the role of technology administrator little by little. His hiring has eliminated one of the roadblocks because I now have the necessary time to answer God's call to go back to school. This new-found time also allowed me to concentrate even more on bring a pastor.

I have enrolled in a Master's degree program at Regent University. The result, in a couple of years, will be a Masters of Arts in Practical Theology. as far as the second obstacle, I have given it to God. I trust that He has the means to help me meet His calling for me.

I'm excited for what God has in store for me as I get deeper into the knowledge and wisdom of His world. I know that it will help me minister within the church more effectively and worship more fully alongside
you. Again, I thank you or your prayers and support. It's going to be a long, but incredible journey!

With Love,

PLEASE HELP US to focus on what we have, not on what is removed or changed. PLEASE STRENGTHEN US when we feel discouraged or overwhelmed. PLEASE EMBRACE US so that we know your loving presence within us and among us. PLEASE WALK WITH US as we bring your love, and carry your light into our world. Amen
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